16 September 2010

Some of my prints are now on sale in London based Shop/Gallery 'Lik + Neon'!! They have lots of great stuff on their website. Click here to see: LIK + NEON

22 August 2010

The Ziggurat of Flavour at the Big Chill. An event hosted by Bompas and Parr. At my internship I spent a lot of my time making props and costumes for this event.
Me in the Bompas and Parr studio. Fruit hats for the 'Ziggurat of Flavour'
Photos by Nowness.com and Ann Charlott Ommedal
Scratch and Sniff Tv Dinner and 1853 Iguanodon Dinner.
Photos by Ann Charlott Ommedall
We also made lots of Occult jam in the Bompas and Parr kitchen. This is Milk Jam!
Victorian Library complete with fake dust on the shelves
Photo by Ann Charlott Ommedal