24 June 2010

The print making studio 
I made a lino cut version of the childhood game Buckaroo- how many items can you hang on Buckaroo before he bucks?

23 June 2010

Everyone is welcome!! Hope to see you there

14 June 2010

'Stolen Loot' hand printed business cards- I shall need to print some more for our London show coming up in a few weeks.
Our degree show website- have a look on www.big2010.co.uk

12 June 2010

Brighton Degree Show 2010- my own work 
Alex putting her work up
Degree show set up: Rosie standing in front of Ellie's work

3 June 2010

Website updated- *New Lino Prints*- www.JessLSmith.com

1 June 2010

Labels from tinned cowboy food