23 May 2009

I've actually no idea what a mermaid's song would sound like, but if it did...
This is another screen print for part 
of my personal project.

18 May 2009

This week I had a go at lino cuts. These are the finished results.

15 May 2009

This is the finished window display for Amnesty Books I have been working on along with Kaye Blegvad, Alex Simpson, Isobel Greenberg and Bethan Samuel. It will be up until the end of May as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. 

14 May 2009

At the end of our second year we were given the chance to do some self      
initiated work. I chose the area of Paris as my inspiration and produced a
set of Prints with some being screen print based and some lino cuts.



These are two of my favorite snow globes
These 3 images run as a long concertina book that was part of a CD packaging project.My theme was Paris and tracks on the mix tape included the 'in flight safety demonstration'from an Air France flight and sounds of tourists climbing the Eiffel Tower.