15 November 2008

13 November 2008

10 November 2008

Museum in a Drawer

Museum in a drawer
I wish I owned my own museum in which I could 
organise all my belongings

8 November 2008

credit crunch
This has now been made into a zine
Making your food go further

E 128

E numbers

E 129

E numbers

The Boat Race

The great Boat Race
The great boat race
The great boat race
These images were part of a Uni project last year. 
They were based upon the Knaresborough boat race. 
A narrative was developed in which the
characters found themselves lost upon the lake.

NY Visual Diary

NY sketchbook
Brighton beach

Fox in Rubbish

Fox in Rubbish
Last year in Brighton we would often see foxes in 
our garden. One in particular adopted the name jackal.

Cake, Girl in Cherries, Blood Cherries

cake contrast
cherry contrast
This series of photographs was inspired by the work of Peter Greenaway 
and Franz Kafka.

Theatre set

Theatre set
Theatre set
This was a 3D theatre set I made for Shakespeare's 
'The Seven Ages of Man'.